Bookkeeping Services

Finances do not have to be overwhelming

Bookkeeping is probably the least favorite task of most creative business owners because it can be time consuming, tedious and overwhelming. It can be a lot of work to track expenses, accounts payable, donations, and any other financial transaction in your organization. Outsourcing this monthly task gives you more time to focus on the parts of your business you love, which usually translates into making more money.

At Fenton’s Management Services we provide top notch bookkeeping service to our customers. Whether you’re a church, non-profit, or for-profit business, we have the right tools and expertise to help you. Contact us today and never lose sleep over a budget spreadsheet again.



Guaranteed benefits

Save time

We can save you time and effort trying to understand spreadsheets.


Financial errors can be costly. Our experienced and detail oriented team are happy to do the number crunching and save you money.

Prevent late payments and overdrafts

Late payments and being overdraft on your accounts comes at a cost. Let our team manage your books. We will make sure your bills are paid on time and your accounts are kept in good standing giving you 2 less things to be worried about.