Fenton’s Management Services is a Virtual Assistant company that provides administrative, bookkeeping and online marketing services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our services allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to focus on what they do best, designing, strategizing, catering to their customers and ultimately growing their business. We take pride in helping our customers keep their business organized and running efficiently.

About Us

Hi, my name is Shannon Fenton and I am a US based Virtual Assistant. I’m excited that you decided to view my website today.

Life before Fenton’s Management Services (FMS)

Before I became a Virtual Assistant, I worked for large corporations for just over 10 years in Administrative, Support and Project Management roles. Those roles were perfect for me. I was able to use skills that came naturally such as excellent time management and organizational skills; communication and detail oriented skills and many more. I believe these skills are the keys to my success with FMS today.

Why I became a Virtual Assistant

I was feeling suffocated in my corporate jobs. They pay well but I wasn’t fulfilled. Working for large corporations had its benefits but often times I just felt like a number. I really needed a change of environment. I also wanted freedom from the strict 9-5 office schedule.

I was inspired to become an entrepreneur by my mother (Small Business Start-up Coach) and I attending many events and seminars with her and other entrepreneurs. It took me a while to realize the type of business I wanted to pursue. My mom and many of the entrepreneurs I came across were the creative type which I am not. I didn’t want to start a business because I could, I wanted to do something that I was passionate about; something fulfilling that allowed me to help others but I had no idea what that looked like. During a frustrating conversation with my mother about me not having a flare for the arts and not having a specific passion like my sibling, she reminded me of the one thing I always seem to be drawn to since I was a child and that was organizing people and things. A light bulb went off in my head. That night I pulled up trusty Google to research the type of companies someone with excellent organizational skills typically starts and the rest was history.  Within a week I  registered Fenton’s Management Services (FMS), my Virtual Assistant company. I had never heard of a Virtual Assistant prior to my research and this may sound weird, but It never occurred to me that my skills as an admin, project manager are what I needed to start an independent business, but I was so wrong.

My Focus

I decided to focus on entrepreneurs and small business owners because I believe my services will have the greatest impact among these groups. Entrepreneurs and small business owners typically don’t have the resources to hire full time employees. Oftentimes they’re juggling building and running a business, a full-time job, a family and all the other responsibilities that come along with life which can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. At FMS we take care of the time consuming, non-essential tasks so that our clients can have more time to focus on things that matter most to them such as growing their business, spending time with their families and friends and just enjoying life.

Our customers can hire us for stand alone projects or for recurring projects. At FMS our desire is to help you meet your goals.

Why I love being a Virtual Assistant

I find it very rewarding to help others achieve their dreams whilst using the skills I love. This is what drives me the most to be a great Virtual Assistant.

It also gives me the freedom and flexibility to make changes and develop the business to meet the needs of my clients.